Thursday, January 6, 2011

mac and cheese

I realized yesterday that I really cannot cook. Took out the mac and cheese box and decided to make my own for the first time. Keep in mind that everything I "cook" is usually in the microwave. I call that cooking. Haha. Anyways, so I thought how hard can mac and cheese be? Yeah disaster. How do you screw up mac and cheese? Anyways, I followed pretty much every direction. It said to boil six glasses of water, which my pot was pretty small so I couldn't quite fit six glasses of water so I kind of had to limit it to 4. Which even then the water was filled at the very top...which I was thinking the whole time that this wasn't going to go well. Anyways right as I turned my back all the water began to boil over the pot or pan whatever and all of this smoke came up and I was trying to think of unique ideas of what to do when the fire detector went off. I finally got everything together but the finished product wasn't so delicious. It was so cheesy and I don't think the noodles were cooked all the way......but I ate all of it. The point of the story is, for all my men wanting to marry me (there is so many you know? ) you should probably cook. I always thought that watching Emeril and that Italian girl would pay off.....not exactly.

In other news... I'm so tired of the cold weather...I'm ready for summerrrr timeee!!! I want to be able to wear shorts and a tshirt outside again. I've decided that after I graduate that I'll probably move to the coast somewhere. Preferably South sounds nice. On my bucket list is to learn how to surf and you can't really learn how to surf on one vacation, can you? So that's why I'll have to live there. Oh and I'm going to have a hammock in my  backyard and it's going to be so schweett.

I've been listening to 311's "Amber" continuously. My brother has been hearing it everyday since Christmas. Hahaha. I like it. It's so summer time, feel good.

lots of love

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