Sunday, January 23, 2011

lazy sundayyy

Hurrah! I'm finally able to post today! My computer charger isn't working so I'm borrowing one in the mean time..

For the past four hours all I have been working on is homework. I'm so proud of myself though this semester, I'm trying my best not to be a procrastinator! However, I have my first real student teaching tomorrow! I'm so nervous! I wouldn't say it's a "real" student teaching session because I'm teaching my own class for fifteen minutes with drills for dribbling a soccer ball. It can't be too bad, right? Ha

Next weekend I had planned to go to the Florida Keys. plans were shattered for other reasons. However, I planned another weekend and am hoping that works out! I don't know how everyone else feels, but this weather is driving me crazy. I'm ready for spring time. I wonder how many times I say that in a day. It's not too far away...January is almost over??? Where does the time go. Hopefully I only have to wait two more weeks until I can go to paradise..........

hopefully :)

In other news, I just heard U2 is coming to America for their 360 concert over the summer! I'm DYING to see them (and maybe the only person my age to think so) and they are coming close to where I'm at! I already looked up the tickets but I think they may be sold out. I'll still try my best to get those tickets!!!!! :))

hope all is well with everyone. lots of love.


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