Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

Hello everyone!! (or those special two people)) Merry Christmas to you! Hope your Christmas has been wonderful. I feel like I always need to say something to my readers (two..) before I just start jumping into my post and talking about myself....

My Christmas season has been great this year, different-but still great. Through out December I've been excited for Christmas but not my usual self that constantly watches every Christmas movie possible,listening to non-stop Christmas tunes (i'm not deleting tunes even though it's lame) or have been very Christmas decorative.Does that make sense? Christmas decorative? hahaha whatever.  I guess it's a sign I'm getting older...sady sad. I even skipped out on watching one of my all time fav movies Christmas Vacation to read...well nevermind. But I did land some awesome gifts this year. So eh, shoutout to my family and friends reading this blog! Though, my favorite gift this year was spending that time with friends and family and knowing I'm so blessed by the good man upstairs.  How cliche is that? But it's the truth. 
We did the normal tradition of going to my grandparents casa today. Ughhh I ate too much and I'm ready to hit back the gym with all my new year resolution buddies. 
 sanna (who doesn't like animals too much) got used to big "d" :)

Hoss and I. He's grown so much since a puppy. For all my creepy people reading this blog, he is vicious and he will attack you.

lots of love, 

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