Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! :) I'm looking forward to tomorrow though! Thursday means it's almost Friday! I'm feeling so sore today though...last night I went to a yoga class and realized how (non) flexible I really am. I consider myself to be pretty atheletic, but I was amazed to see some people really stretch OUT! I always have a difficult time concentrating in those classes the first thirty minutes though. I can't hardly take the instructor serious (even though, I really need to). I hear "breathe through your soul and let all your worries vanish awayyyy, just let go." Which at first I am like "whhattttt?" and then I try to concentrate on what the instructor is saying. Millions of thoughts run through my head in thirty seconds like, "How do I even begin to breathe through my soul? Is the person beside me breathing through her soul? This stretch is really killing my back.How is this girl doing this?? I shouldn't of had that cookie today. Okay, breathing through the soul...Have I finished that one assignment yet? BREATH THROUGH THE SOUL MAGGS!!"
All in thirty seconds. But after about 30 minutes I really get the hang of yoga and I love it! One day I hope I can stretch like this............

But...for the mean time you'll probably see me stretching like this instead....

haha, happy wednesday everyone :))

lots of love,,


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  1. I hope you had a great Wednesday, my in the world can someone do that! I would never be able to walk again....