Monday, January 24, 2011

mighty monday

AHHHHHHH! This day has been too crazy. Remember I said I was nervous about my student teaching? Yeah, well I wrote out the wrong kind of lesson plan! This is a physical education class and the unit is over basketball.....and I thought the teacher told me soccer last week. But... I still got to carry on with my teach so it was okay haha. That would only happen to me. 

In other news... I met with my advisor today about study abroad! She signed off a paper and right after I write this post I've got to find two dollars to fax this sucker!! In two weeks I'll know if I'm accepted or not into the program!! HURRAH! I feel like now though I've been stressing about it so much-that my excitement has kind of died. But...I blame that for the weekend I had. Also, I always tend to get my hopes up about things and then something doesn't follow through and my dream has died. I'm just afraid that some of the coursework won't transfer back to where I'm at now...we'll see I guess...MUST STAY POSITIVE! 

Also, my computer charger still isn't working now so working on nice, fancy Apple computer in the computer center. Need one of these. 

lots of love! 


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  1. Hope all goes the way you want it to! Sounds exciting! BTW -- I am going to follow, not around your kitchen....just in Blogland!