Wednesday, January 12, 2011

gettin' lucky in ky

I knew I should have started purchasing those lottery tickets. DAMNIT!!! A lady from kentucky just won it, that means that's a chance for me!!!

But...I'm still happy for her. I really liked the story about the golden voice guy too. God has blessed them so much.

I'm tired of the cold. Ready for spring to come very soon. The winter after Christmas just isn't worth it. Two more years baby and hopefully I'll be at the coast waving adios to the cold. Actually, it won't be real warm in South Carolina during winter..but it's better than where I'm at.

Been working real hard on deciding where I want to study next year! I'm just praying and crossing my fingers everyday that I get into this program and that my credits will transfer. The school I was looking at didn't have my major offered but I found another one that sounds perfect in Ireland. I don't want to get my hopes up but I have faith I'll get this!!

lots of love.

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