Thursday, December 16, 2010

day one..

Day one of Christmas break..
  I feel like my mom has came to me every two hours asking if I was hungry. The home cooked meals are so wonderfullll though and I love being home with my family.Sanna and I joked that we will be rolling to EKU by the time the break is over. Probably true. :)

Anyways, so today  I was reminded today that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift are dating. I just would like to tell my readers that my heart has frozen over and it's not due to the ice storm. I would also like to say before I go on my celebrity rant that I seldom am ever bothered about celebrities and I'm not one to read people magazine everyday (not that there is anything wrong with that, everyone is different). So here it goes. I don't like Taylor Swift. In fact, it's not that I don't like her, I just don't like what she does. Yeah, I already know what you're thinking: "ah she's jealous, Taylor is just such a beautiful girl inside and out." But before you assume that, just hear me out. I'm sure Taylor Swift is a wonderful and nice girl in real life. And if I ever met Taylor and we became friends I would tell her exactly what I'm about to tell you now. First off let's talk about her songs. Yeah sure, I liked her at first. I thought her music was pretty catchy but after a while I kept hearing the same thing. I'm not saying all the songs sound the same, I'm just saying that they are about the same thing. They're about boys that she has fallen in love with or her heart is broken in to two pieces or she's looking for that special Romeo. I mean, c'mon Taylor...every song about a guy??? Get some grit. Write a song about your dreams, all your bank rolls...or something, just one song that doesn't involve romance or a guy.
So the next thing. I can't hardly watch her on tv it's too unbearable. You know what, I'll just skip that because that's a whole different rant. So now you know why I'm not a Taylor fan and you have to understand that I absolutely love Jake Gyllenhaal. So when I heard this news I refused to believe it. ...But I guess it's true..........................

I just don't understand it. Jake's gotta know that after they breakup, he will be written in one of her songs. To me that would be embarrassing but he's obviously not bothered. I mean he can always say to his future son, "Yeah, you're daddy is in a Taylor Swift song." I mean I've had a song written about me and you don't see me talking about it, you know?! (Maggie May-Rod Stewart). Then, if you read below on the magazine where it says "weekends with the parents-after just five weeks!" ONLY FIVE WEEKS?!!?You know what, forget everything I said about Taylor, I need some pointers from this girl.

So for all my readers (the two) don't hate me because I dissed your girl Taylor and don't tell my mother (she's a loyal Swift fan).

lots of love,,

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