Monday, December 20, 2010

tis' the season :)

Ahhh!! Christmas is almost here and I'm soo exciteddd!! It really started feeling like the holidays after Sanna and I came home. Mom's been making her wonderful Christmas candy- peanutbutter chocolate balls and chocolate fudge... mmm it's so delicious. And today, Sanna brought some Swedish Christmas traditions! We made some saffron buns, which are kind of like cinnamon rolls except without the icing...and take the cinnamon out too and add some kind of weird spice. So..pretty much a roll with weird spice and no icing. I asked her if we could put icing on it and she pretty much rolled her eyes and called me the typical "American." Ha, nah but I know she was thinking it. Here are some pics from the beginning to end, I'll demonstrate how to make them.

first step: you need a Swedish person to help you make the saffron's. See sanna below?
 step two: you need some ingredients and a bowl oh.. and a mixer. add all the ingredients together for a good amount of time.
step three. okay yeah, this is where you mix.

 step four: you've gotta get your hands dirty, this isn't an easy or fun job.

step five: take a picture with your best friend!

 step six: put alot of happiness into rolling the dough!(see as demonstrated below)
 step..shit I forgot what step we are on...okay so roll the dough into "s" shapes.

step ??- bake the saffron's in the oven for so long! and walahh!! you have your yummy tasty saffrons!

 In other news, I applied for the University of Sterling for my junior year!! Ahhh it's so excitingggg!! Ha no worries, I'm not transferring again! Stirling is in Scotland and I hope to study abroad their next year! I've still got to send in stuff like my passport and transcripts and of course, I've got to be accepted! I can already see my self now....

So I guess that's all for now. Hope everyone is having a great holiday. :)))

lots of love,

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