Thursday, February 17, 2011

real life

mm back too soon from Florida! It was love. Even though it rained the first two days I was there, and I didn't get too much of a was love. Eating sea food and relaxing was the agenda. I turned off my phone for most of the time and didn't dare check my email. It was nice to let go of everything. Though, now it's back to real life and I feel refreshed today! The weather is nice which makes everything better. Hope it stays that way til' summer. I just can't understand why I didn't transfer to a school further down south? Or near the coast? Oh well...

So I've got a new favorite song! I heard it last night playing in a restaurant and it's been in my head ever since! I FINALLY found it this morning after looking forever for it! Listen to it...jon mclaughlin...v.good! :)

lots of love,,,

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